My iPad & iPhone App Updates: 25 Updated This Past Week


25 of my iPad & iPhone apps were updated in the past week. Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an Apple iOS 4.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes.

Apps with an asterisk (*) preceding the app name indicates an app on my iPad.

* 1. Atomic Web Browser 3.7 Export bookmarks via email.

2. Audible 1.3 Link to buy, search, browse via mobile web store.

3. Darkroom 3.5.1

4. Disaster Alert 1.04 Locations/place search added.

5. Discovery Channel 2.1

* 6. Dropbox 1.3 Fullscreen landscape viewing on iPad. Create folders.

7. Epocrates 3.11

* 8. Evernote 3.3.10 Improved search performance.

9. Facebook 3.2.3

10. Flower Garden 2.5 iOS4 multi-tasking support. Badges/local notifications when plants need watering.

* 11. Glee Karaoke 2.0 Missions and singing challenges. Compete for high scores. Receive feedback from audience.

* 12. Google Earth 3.1.0 Underwater bathymetry and ocean surface content layer.

13. HerePlanet (Lite) 2.3.1 Maps. Drop-down player. Background audio.

* 14. How TO Videos from 1.2

15. Hulu Plus 1.1

* 16. Keynote 1.2 Export presentations to Microsoft PowerPoint. MobileMe iDisk and WebDAV support. Lens Flare, Spin, and Wipe build animations.

* 17. Numbers 1.2 Export spreadsheets to Microsoft Excel format. Copy spreadsheets to MobileMe iDisk or WebDAV. Open CSV files from Mail and other apps.

* 18. Pages 1.2 MobileMe iDisk/WebDAV support. Word count display option. Import/export existing footnotes. Open text files attached to an email message.

19. Pandora Radio 3.1.4

20. Plane Finder Free 2.18 iAds.

21. Sekai Camera 2.5.0 Sekai app CooKoo Twitter client. Air Menu. Facebook Wall Post. Email registration required.

22. Shazam 3.0.2

* 23. Talking Tom Cat for iPad 1.3 New free scratching the screen animation. Option to turn violence off.

* 24. Uzu 1.1.1 NOTE: May have to restart iPad (soft reset) after update. Auto-play mode. External display support.

25. Yelp 4.4.2