My Grandpa is On Facebook!

Last week an interesting thing occured: I received a friend request from my grandfather. Soon after I received an instant message from my cousin saying “dude grandpa joined facebook.” While my grandfather may be more hip than most grandfathers, it brings to light an interesting phenomenon: older generations are joining Facebook in droves.

Over the past few weeks I have been asking everyone that I come into contact with if they are on Facebook. The majority of them are and they aren’t the college students that once dominated the site. This weekend Mark Hendrickson questioned whether college students would start migrating to other social networks in search of a place where they can play among themselves.

While I don’t think other social networks will be as successful as Facebook in gaining the attention of college students nationwide, Facebook does need to hurry up and release their grouping features that will enable users to differentiate among their contact relationships. This will protect users when they want to prevent those pictures of them partying last night from reaching their business contacts.

I assume that most people haven’t had their extended family reaching out to them on Facebook but I definitely have. The mixture of professional, social and family contacts on Facebook has now become more challenging for me to maintain and I hope that Facebook releases their grouping features soon. Have your family members friended you on Facebook?