My Favorite Weekend–Ken Levine and No Sushi


FBLA has a new idol–Ken Levine. Not only is he right about Studio 60, but he nails the tone of the LA Times‘ most unnecessary and annoying regular feature: My Favorite Weekend. In a letter to the editor:

Calendar Weekend has a celebrity feature called “My Favorite Weekend.” There was one week in which the celebrity was one of the briefcase-holding models on “Deal or No Deal” [Sept. 14]. It seems you are running out of real celebrities.
So I thought I’d post my favorite weekend.

Friday I like to get an early start and hit the cockfights in Tijuana. I enjoy the action and it’s fun to see all the young couples out on their first dates.
From there I’ll go to the Hotel del Coronado for a swim to wash any blood off.

and it just gets better. True, it’s the funniest thing in the whole paper, and he wrote it for free, thus breaking FBLA’s cardinal rule, but maybe the Tribune overlords will send him a check.

And just to lead the the whole Weekend concept further into parody, here’s today’s piece:

PIGEON JOHN may not be a household name, but the 33-year-old L.A. rapper has gained a strong underground following for his positivity, laid-back manner and humor.

That’s the Times–famous among dozens!