My Favorite iPod nano (5th gen.) Feature: The Pedometer


I bought the 5th generation iPod nano because of its video recording feature and, to a much lesser extent, its sound recorder. But, so far the feature I’ve found most interesting is its pedometer app. It is, I believe, more accurate than the various pedometers I’ve bought and used over the years. And, it keeps a daily history right on the iPod itself. I’ve been trying to remember to grab my nano when I walk out to find lunch each day.


The pedometer data can be uploaded to Nike’s website…

Nike+ Active

…when you sync the nano to iTunes. However, the site itself doesn’t let you do much with the data. It simply tells you how many steps you’ve walked each day, the number of calories burned each day, total steps for the current week, and all-time total steps. It can also share this information for you on Facebook.

I wish it would let me download the data in a way that it could be imported into a spreadsheet or used with statistics software. But, this is certainly enough to keep me amused and interested.