My Damn Channel Resurrecting Pilot Season

Digital content producer/distributor My Damn Channel—perhaps best known for the cult hit You Suck At Photoshop—is resurrecting the series Pilot Season from the now defunct Trio network.
On April 20, will premiere two of 30 planned new episodes of Pilot Season, a mock documentary depicting actors, agents and other movie- and TV business-types scrambling to get projects green lit. MyDamnChannel has lined up a spate of well-known comic talent to appear in the show, including Comedy Central’s Sarah Silverman and Confessions of a Shopaholic’s Isla Fisher. Co-creator Sam Seder will also appear in various episodes, as will the ubiquitous Andy Dick (Old School) and the comedian David Cross (Arrested Development).
Following April 20’s two-episode debut, new episodes of Pilot will premiere on each Monday on (preview clips are currently available the site). The original version of the Hollywood-skewering show first appeared on Trio in 2004.