My Damn Channel Ramps Up New Programming Slate

Web video entertainment hub My Damn Channel is in the midst of rolling out an aggressive new programming slate buoyed by ten custom channels, including three set to debut this summer.
Among the new channels in the works is The Mark Malkoff Channel, which focuses on former Colbert Report staffer Mark Malkoff, who is known for elaborate comedic stunts, such as moving into a New Jersey Ikea  for a week and taking 135 AirTran flights over a 30-day-period. That channel will debut in August.
Also arriving this summer is Childrens Hospital: Dr. Owen Maestro, a compilation of videos featuring Dr. Owen Maestro, a character from the Web series Children’s Hospital which recently made its way onto Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block.
Several of the new My Damn Channel projects are sponsor driven. For example, Paramount has already tapped the site to create a branded channel for the soon-to-premiere comedy Dinner for Schmucks.
Besides channels, My Damn Channel continues to introduce original series. Among the new entries is a recently launch show Go Sukashi!–a spoof of live action kid-aimed superhero series like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
In addition, several staples of the three-year-old My Damn Channel are set to introduce new seasons this summer, including the music-focused Don Was: The Wasmopolitan Cavalcade of Recorded Music and Easy to Assemble: Finding North. That series features actress Illeana Douglas’ fictional life as an IKEA employee.