My Country Lets Players Build Nations, Game Builds Impressive User Base

My Country, a nation-building game developed by European social game developer innoWate, is making some waves on our growth charts as 6waves continues its publishing arrangement with the studio. The game appears to have soft-launched in early June ahead of an official launch somewhere around the 17 of that month.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, My Country currently has 805,493 monthly active users and 44,489 daily active users.

As the city-building genre becomes saturated, various games have had introduce gameplay components to set themselves apart from Zynga’s juggernaut, CityVille. My Country focuses on micro-management of the buildings and businesses that players create in addition to the traditional expansion of their nations. Players are tasked with establishing businesses — a taxi cab company, for instance, under the Transportation category — then must expend energy to open them, upgrade existing buildings in order to earn the components to (in this case) hire a taxi driver (a Professional) and eventually establish contracts that will bring in cash over a period of time.

Everything that is built adds to a country’s overall value, and upgrading buildings enables them to house more residents. The game uses an experience point system that allows players to level up, with each new level offering a variety of new content from businesses such as water parks to cosmetic features.

Social integration resembles that of other city-builders where players can visit friends’ countries in order to help them achieve accomplishments. The game keeps track of players’ standing among their friends based on level, population and overall value of their countries.

My Country is monetized through the sale of items and gameplay boosts that can be used for everything from accelerating construction to purchasing items to expanding players’ countries and “forcing” friends to become neighbors, and through the sale of the game’s soft currency. Facebook Credits is also used as a premium currency, but there is an additional sort of currency called “Magical Gems” which, when found, temporarily increase the percentage of in-game dollars players can receive in exchange for Facebook Credits.

At time of writing, 6waves could not be reached to talk about its plans for the immediate and long-term future of My Country, but we know the publisher is committed to international releases for each of its titles. We expect to see this game’s MAU and DAU rise in conjunction with releases to new territories as its localized for new languages.

You can follow My Country’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.