My Coffee Card Pro: Pay for Starbucks Coffee With Your Android Smartphone (app free today only)

The Starbucks Card Mobile for the iPhone is a great app for people who use Starbucks pre-paid cards. It lets you pay for a product by scanning a barcode on the iPhone’s screen. The balance of the card is updated almost instantly. I’ve long wondered why Starbucks does not provide an Android version of this app and asked this question again last week.

Starbucks Mobile Marketing Strategy. And, Where is Their Android App?

Someone tweeted me that there is an Android app that can act as a payment app. However, this app is provided by a third party. So, my question remains, why Starbucks appears to be ignoring the huge Android smartphone market. The third party Android app referenced is the $1.99:

My Coffee Card Pro

The good news is that this app is free today (June 13, 2011) from the Amazon Appstore. You can follow the link above or point your browser to

Note that you need download and install Amazon’s app to download this free (for today) app and that Android phones on AT&T cannot install apps that are not from the Android Market.

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