My Blog Needs Twitter

Today must be Twitter Tuesday because this is the second post in a row that I’ve written about Twitter. Twitter has become a necessary part of my blog. Since Twitter began acting funny over the weekend my blog saw a relatively substantial decrease in traffic. One commenter this morning said that he had unsubscribed from my feed and was now completely reliant on my Twitter feed to update him of new posts.

While I think he is a rare case, Twitter has been driving an increasing amount of traffic to my site. I previously wrote about Twitter etiquette and some people said that linking to yourself in Twitter is annoying and not proper etiquette. In a guest post on Problogger, Chris Brogan explains how he uses Twitter to promote his blog. He suggests asking questions rather than simply posting the title of his article.

This model has appeared to gain traction throughout the Twittersphere (not sure if that’s a word). Also, simply posting about your blog is not a good model because people get tired of following. A large percentage of tweets should be part of the conversation. I try to keep promotional tweets limited to blog posts but at this point it has been necessary to tweet about my posts. Have you found it necessary to tweet about your blog posts? Do you think this practice is poor form?

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