My Big Campus Now Offering Unlimited Cloud Storage to Schools, Students

Online storage is not really a problem anymore–unless you need to store a lot of large files. Then you’ll need to fork over some dough, and as your storage needs increase the costs tend to pile up.

That’s why I am pleased to share a new offer from My Big Campus. Lightspeed Systems, a California based tech company, is currently offering a special deal for schools, students, and staff. For a limited time they can sign up for unlimited storage on Lightspeed System’s My Big Campus platform.

It supports virtually any type of file up to 100MB in size, including video, documents, images and more. The service includes a free anti-virus and malware checker, and it offers each user their own personal digital locker with unlimited storage and mobile access. Files are scanned as they are uploaded, and any that pose a security risk will not be added, ensuring the safety of the user and the network.

You can access My Big Campus via any web browser or from Android and iOS apps. To sign up for the free offer, send an email to

My Big Campus via EdTech Times