My 2009 Windows Mobile App Picks: Apps I Actually Use!

There are many “best of” apps list. I think mine is a bit different. My lists today features apps that I simply actually use on a regular basis. I’ll start it off with apps I use on my Windows Mobile smartphone (currently an HTC Touch Pro2):

Ilium eWallet ($19.95): This app encrypts sensitive information. I’ve been using it regularly (maybe even daily) since around 1997. Full disclosure: Ilium has provided my evaluation copies since I wrote the one of the early reviews of this product back in the last millenium.

Evernote for Windows Mobile (free): I use Evernote on the web daily. And, I have Evernote native clients installed on Windows Mobile, Android, and iPhone. Don’t leave home without it!

Skyfire (free): Skyfire is an alternative web browser available for multiple mobile platforms including Windows Mobile. I’m a recent convert. If you had asked me about it a few months ago, I would have said, I don’t like it even though Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer Mobile is awful. However, the recent Skyfire update completely changed my opinion of it. I now consider it a “must install” on any Windows Mobile smartphone.

Qik (free):: Could there be an easier way to share video from a Windows Mobile smartphone. If so, please let me know what it is because Qik has made that once tedious task much simpler.

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile (free):: If you use Office Communicator inside of your firm for internal communication, this Microsoft app is a must-have on your Windows Mobile smartphone

Special mention of built-in apps:
Microsoft Office for Mobile is still one of the features that makes Windows Mobile smartphones unique. They are able to deal with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint slide decks out of the box. These mobile versions are certainly not perfect (and the Office Mobile team has heard me complain in-person yearly about what is missing). But, it is a good deal and helps me get a lot done.

Internet Sharing: The iPhone (US only) and Droid can’t tether your netbook or notebook to share wireless data. But, Windows Mobile smartphones with this feature can. One word: Awesome.