MX Casino Offers Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff Themed Slots on Facebook

MX CasinoMX Digital’s new Facebook game MX Casino combines celebrity personalities Hulk Hogan, David Hasselhoff and Dennis Rodman with a social casino experience on Facebook, as users attempt to “get on the A-List” with the stars. The game features five slot machines to start (with one more coming soon), but only two are available to players as they first begin to play. The rest are unlocked as players bet and win virtual currency, leveling up to higher levels.

Players begin with a slot machine called simply “The Hoff” (for David Hasselhoff), and one for TNA Impact Wrestling (former home of Hulk Hogan). Each machine allows users to customize their active lines per bet and their bet per line, as well as toggle auto play for continuous spins without further player input.

The reels of each machine contain symbols themed after the topic in question, and when players win any amount of money in a spin, the game plays a short animation or audio clip as part of the celebration. These include clips of Hasselhoff singing, clips of TNA wrestlers and knockouts celebrating a win, and so on.

The game’s other machines include “Dennis Rodman’s Rad Slam,” a Hulkamania machine, a machine themed around actor James Dean and a HellPaso machine that’s marked as “coming soon.”MX CasinoSlot machines contain bonus games. In “The Hoff” machine, for instance, users can spin a bonus wheel to receive either smiling or frowning Hasselhoff faces. Every smiling face moves the player down a road for more bonus cash, while frowning faces take away a life. Players have a limited number of lives to make their way to the end of the road and the grand prize.

Other game features include a live stream of Twitter feeds for the game’s makers and stars, as well as a badge system for earning in-game achievements. Users start with a $10,000 bankroll, but can purchase additional virtual currency if they run out. For social play, users can also ask their friends to gift them free currency.

Earlier this year, MX Digital announced its partnership with data and analytics specialist Traffgen, which offers marketing technology and other services to its clients in social, online and land-based casino industries.

“We have been looking for the right strategy, and the right partner to expand into the social gaming sector for some time,” says Eric Bischoff of Bischoff Hervey Entertainment and co-founder of MX Digital, also of WCW / WWE fame, in a statement. “We have great brands with partners who have passionate social media fan bases and who are anxious to promote these games with us.”

MX Casino is available to play for free on Facebook.