MWW Graphic Shows What Mattered Most in State of the Union


As promised to Politico, MWW analyzed Twitter sentiments during last night’s State of the Union speech and created a related infographic directly after the event to reflect its findings on the Return on Reputation blog.

You’ll have to click through to see the whole thing, but its findings weren’t too terribly surprising: the most-discussed moment of the evening was President Obama’s well-timed gender gap Mad Men reference* while overall sentiment swung wildly between two poles: negativity surrounding the President’s comments on his own health care law and universal praise for wounded soldier and veterans care case study Cory Remsburg.

You should check out the graphic, which is interesting if not quite revelatory. The message: if you give the people some catnip and demonstrate that you’re not afraid to tackle controversy, then they’ll be more likely to stick with you through the boilerplate stuff.


There’s a big limitation to this sort of study, of course: most Americans thankfully don’t use Twitter, and those who do are even more likely to be hard-nosed political partisans. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

*We did like Obama’s line, though we doubt that he actually has the time to watch the show.