MW’s Top 10 Web Stories of 2010

It’s been a busy year here at—and we’re looking forward to an even busier 2011. The media world has changed drastically, and AdweekMedia’s reporters have been there every step of the way, breaking news, rife with in-depth analysis and top-notch writing.

Of course, our online audience connected with some news stories more than others, and in the spirit of lauding those that broke the mold, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Stories of 2010.

Here they are in descending order (with No. 1 being the highest-trafficked story—must be subscriber to access majority of content):

1. Magazine Hot List 2010: Topping off this year’s list is, well, another list—probably one of the most-read ones of all time for the Mediaweek brand. Everybody gets a pat on the back for this one, as it was an AdweekMedia staff report.

2. Donny Osmond to Host Radio Show (must be subscriber to have access): Senior editor Katy Bachman won this year’s second-most-trafficked story sweepstakes with this report on Mr. Osmond’s foray into the radio show space. Audiences came from far and wide to feast their eyes on this one.

3. Fox to Launch Fran Drescher Show (must be subscriber to have access): Who knew that Fran “most annoying voice in TV history” Drescher would be so well-liked (and -trafficked) on Reporting again was senior editor Katy Bachman, who sweeps the No. 2 and No. 3 slots on this Top 10 list.

4. Newsweek Staff to Lose Offices: Senior print editor Lucia Moses may have gotten this scoop before the Newsweek staff did. This, of course, all went down well before the Daily Beast was even part of the picture (or struggling company’s outlook). A tough story, but a huge traffic source.

5. April Dampens Basic Cable Ratings: Continuing on the downbeat-story kick, senior editor Anthony Crupi provided the words and analysis for this report on the April ratings, which he termed a “soggy affair.” We’re left wondering: Did cable’s May flowers ever show up?

6. Fox News’ Digital Divide: It seems like pretty much any time we mention Fox News on, everyone and his/her brother comes out to defend it—whether or not it’s a negative report. Well, good for them, we say; we’ll take the traffic. Senior digital editor Mike Shields got the scoop.

7. Print Is Dying … Really?: This opinion piece from Vanity Fair lead editor Graydon Carter found the publishing exec (paraphrasing Tammy Wynette, here) standing by his brand. It’s a thoughtful and well-informed piece—if not somewhat ironic, given that it made it on our top online stories list for 2010.

8. Sex Doesn’t Sell: We believe that anything with the search term “sex” in its headline probably has a decent shot of selling itself to any Web audience. And what do you know? Lucia Moses’ report on Apple’s policy on racy Web app content brought in a good crowd. A good enough one to break into the Top 10.

9. Filled With ‘Glee’: Thanks to some great pickup around the industry, and well, just some fantastic reporting by senior editor Lucia Moses, this story on the GQ site’s sex-selling (Glee) spreads won it a place on our end-of-year list.

10. Microsoft to Shutter Massive Inc.: This was a Mediaweek exclusive for senior digital editor Mike Shields and certainly was a “massive” story for the in-game advertising industry. This broke on the site all the way back in October.