What Do Twitter Lists Say About YOU?

An interesting diversion: MustExist, a “MustExist, a “Silicon Valley start-up developing cool apps for the Real Time Web”, have put together a neat little tool that allows you to quickly and easily see how you’re perceived within Twitter.

Simply enter your username in the box (no password necessary), click submit, and the site will scan every list to which you’ve been added and generate a list of all the tags that people have used to classify you. As is standard, the bigger and bolder the font used to display a given tag, the more weight it has.

For example, here’s me:

No real surprises there: most people add me to lists that concern Twitter, social media and technology, likely because I tweet about all of these things on a (very) regular basis.

The tool throws up some curios, too. I’ve also been tagged under sex, lighthouse, politics, pranksters and, uh, murder. Further investigation reveals that these are not as left-field as it might seem, but still… it gives one pause.

What do Twitter lists say about you? Visit MustExist to find out, and then let me know your top tags, as well as the most bizarre, in the comments.

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