Mustachioed Men Seek Mitt Romney’s Support

Here’s a new potential constituency for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney: Mustachioed men who want a tax break for grooming themselves. Think the base will go for it?

The headline on the American Mustache Institute report is fantastic and by fantastic we mean completely untrue: “Mitt Romney & Aides Possibly in Deep Discussions Regarding Stache Act.” The Institute continues to claim bogus support from GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul, who, in fact, has not given his support by any stretch of their hairy imaginations. Now they’re saying that Romney is “possibly” in “deep discussions” with his “enthusiastic” staff about their Stache Act.

You have to be careful about these shady mustachioed men. They twist words and glean meaning from things where there is none. Kind of like stalkers in Lifetime movies. As you can see above, they already have Romney supporting their Stache Act despite the fact that he has not made any such declaration on the matter.

This just in from The American Mustache Institute….Read the rest of their bullshit news here.

Mammal Of Interest,

As we inch closer to the Million Mustache March on April 1, the American Mustache Institute has brought the Stache Act to the attention of Republican front-runner Mitt Romney, who as a result is may now be in deep discussions with his enthusiastic staff about supporting the legislation.

See our engagement with Gov. Romney and his staff here on our blog.

You’re welcome.