Mustache March Gets Media Splash

Who knew that a bunch of men with ugly mustaches could attract so much press attention?

In Washington this weekend, the American Mustache Institute hosted its Million Mustache March and paraded between Capitol Hill and the White House.

FishbowlDC didn’t show up because we had already interviewed their fearless hairy leader, Aaron Perlut, and we were busy shaving our legs. We caught up with Aaron, however, late last night over text. “The media clearly understood it was the most immense event in the history of immense events,” he wrote. I replied, “Right, but were they nice or assholes? How would you categorize the D.C. media?” He replied, “The media clearly understood it was the most important event they had ever covered.”

Among those in attendance: Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner, who tweeted the above picture of herself, BBC Persia, NPR interns, Reuters (broadcast), International Business Times, WJLA-7, WRC-4, WTTG-5, and the Middle East News Network (pictured at left). Once again I pushed him to describe the members of the D.C. media that he encountered. He wrote, “Respectful and highly engaged.”