Music Quiz Game Emoji Stars Launches on iOS

The game challenges players to describe and identify music titles, based only on emoji symbols.

Emoji Stars

German publisher b-interaktive has released Emoji Stars on iOS devices. The multiplayer title mixes music quizzes with emojis, as players work to describe and identify the names of songs using only emoji symbols.

Emoji Stars focuses on cooperative teamwork, as players team up with a Facebook friend or another random player to identify songs, one player at a time. The first player chooses from a list of three songs, based on the difficulty of identifying each title with emojis, and then has the entire emoji keyboard available for their creative description. For instance, a song about love could be described using heart emojis.

If players need help describing a song, they can spend stars, the game’s free currency, to view the most commonly used emojis for that particular song. These stars are earned when players correctly identify each song, with the number of stars determined by the song’s difficulty.

Once the song has been described, the other player is shown this string of characters and symbols, and must identify the title of the song using the proper letter tiles from an assortment at the bottom of the screen. This letter pool contains more than just the necessary letters, for additional challenge, but players have a Wheel of Fortune-style puzzle board which shows the number of letters in each word of the song’s title.

If players need help identifying the song, they can view its year of release and genre for free, and can spend stars to unlock additional clues, including an option to listen to a sample of the track. Meanwhile, bomb power-ups can eliminate all unnecessary letters from the letter pool or fill in part of the puzzle with the correct letters.

Rounding out the experience are daily mission and achievement systems, which reward players with free stars when complete.

As Emoji Stars utilizes the iTunes online database, players will be challenged to identify songs from every genre or decade, and players can bounce out to iTunes to purchase the songs they identify and describe. When playing with friends, players have the option to search iTunes to manually create a puzzle of their choosing.

Emoji Stars is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.