Music PR: How To Choose An Album Release Date


With the music industry increasingly going digital, do album release dates still matter? The short answer is yes.

Let us not forget that Lil Wayne’s recent album, Tha Carter III, still sold over 1 million copies in it’s first week, even if it was preceded by a slew of free downloads put out by the rapper. Jim Walsh of music PR juggernaut Big Hassle reps clients including Weezer, Liz Phair and the Bonnaroo Music Festival. He tells PRNewser, “Many factors go into choosing a date. Touring schedules have a lot to do with it. Some bands like releasing at off times of the year to stand out and have less competition. It’s like going on vacation in high season.”

Lil Wayne’s album came out on June 18th.

However, September is still a big release month, as the industry gets back into the swing of things after the summer “down” season. This despite the fact that, according to Walsh, “ads are more money in the 4th quarter.”