Music, Page Tools, Photos, Zoosk and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Apps by MAU

The top growing Facebook applications by monthly active users included band apps, Page administrator apps, photos and friends, virtual hearts and the Zoosk dating app. The apps on the list grew from between 419,300 to 1.9 million MAU. The list is compiled using AppData, our data tracking service covering traffic growth for apps on Facebook, and covers those that gained the most users in the past seven days.

Top Gainers This Week

Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. BandPage by RootMusic 22,252,633 +1,910,592 +9%
2. Send Gift 3,334,570 +1,861,357 +126%
3. Gardens of Time 4,301,712 +1,352,701 +46%
4. Zombie Lane 4,315,478 +1,215,978 +39%
5. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa 3,729,756 +1,079,306 +41%
6. Bubble Saga 2,638,960 +1,039,318 +65%
7. 60 Photos 1,817,343 +1,029,548 +131%
8. BOSS維加斯 1,153,768 +1,000,267 +652%
9. Diamond Dash 6,397,120 +959,267 +18%
10. Gourmet Ranch 4,620,275 +819,817 +22%
11. 4,427,822 +651,983 +17%
12. CityVille 88,907,816 +649,252 +0.74%
13. Zoosk 8,711,566 +630,131 +8%
14. Mystery Manor 1,954,114 +580,364 +42%
15. Welcome Tab for Pages 2,013,746 +568,630 +39%
16. Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians 8,608,632 +533,082 +7%
17. Top Friends of mine(ENHANCED) 1,223,757 +460,178 +60%
18. Monster Galaxy 11,483,024 +452,290 +4%
19. Car Town 9,031,585 +440,362 +5%
20. Static HTML for Pages 1,720,381 +419,299 +32%

BandPage by RootMusic is growing by leaps and bounds, seeing a boost of 1.9 million MAU this week. It is similar to another music app,  Band Profile: Profile Pages for Musicians, which grew by 533,100 MAU in that both apps allow bands to share their information on Facebook, and for fans to retrieve it.

Page administrator tools were on the list, too, three to be precise. iframe + Static FBML + Welcome Tab = iwipa grew by 1.1 million MAU, Welcome Tab for Pages by 568,600 MAU and Static HTML for Pages by 419,300 MAU. The apps allow for users to create welcome and landing tabs using different languages, such as HTML, iframe, javascript, Flash or also to display their social media content on these tabs.

A few photo apps were also on the list. 60 Photos grew by 1 million MAU and allows a user to click “nice” or “pass” on their friends’ Facebook photos, posting a story to your friend’s Wall with each answer. Then there was Top Friends Of Mine (Enhanced) which grew by 460,200 MAU, creating a photo ranking your friends based on comments/Likes, publishing a photo album and photo to your stream with a link to the app, also inviting you to tag your friends in the photo.

Finally there was Send Gift, with 1.8 million MAU; the app sends heart-shaped goods to your friends’ Walls. The Connect app grew by about 652,000 MAU. Finally, the Zoosk dating app grew by 630,100 MAU. The app is currently changing it up a bit, first creating a pop-up for users to Like the Zoosk Page, aggressively asking users to enter their full information into their profiles, also promoting Zoosk messenger and mobile apps.

Check in later this week for our look at the top weekly gainers by daily active users on Wednesday, and the top emerging apps on Friday.