Music, More Music, TV and Movies on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

Our list of growing Facebook Pages this week was made up overwhelmingly of musicians’ Pages, several of which seem to have been affected by Page consolidations. Then there was Facebook’s Page, which recently passed 50 million Likes, a few film Pages, a soccer video game and an Arabic TV station Page. Pages on our list this week required 489,100 and 1.6 million Likes to make the top 20 this week. We compile these lists with our PageData tool, which tracks Page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1.  P!nk10,111,869+5,749+1,663,151
2.  Pro Evolution Soccer4,183,089+538,455+1,364,034
3.  Rihanna43,341,608+81,204+1,092,378
4.  Rick Ross1,585,158+4,247+968,548
5.  Nicki Minaj13,289,542+20,264+932,953
6.  Skillet Music2,302,926+1,533+877,730
7.  Camila México2,692,710+2,695+821,478
8.  AC/DC15,716,175+16,358+709,639
9.  قناة العربية801,674+1,594+698,558
10.  slank1,895,964+1,846+694,197
11.  The Smurfs1,963,865+85,749+687,456
12.  Justin Bieber34,725,075+48,657+624,708
13.  Harry Potter32,527,416+76,027+618,261
14.  Red Hot Chili Peppers12,389,051+19,636+598,556
15.  Tercer Cielo2,654,369+4,215+593,817
16.  Michael Jackson39,600,692+43,325+578,256
17.  Green Day18,237,823+15,237+510,062
18.  CHAYANNE1,931,721+2,168+506,310
19.  Facebook50,542,792+87,106+502,481
20.  Eminem45,309,934+68,040+489,139

P!nk’s Page grew by 1.6 million Likes this week to 10.1 million, although since the Page hasn’t been updated, it would seem this was a consolidation. The ever popular Rihanna grew by more than 1 million Likes to 43.3 million Likes; she’s been promoting charity, the products for which she is a spokeswoman, contests and videos. Rick Ross’ Page grew by 968,500 Likes, but there were no updates in the past week, it now totals 1.5 million Likes.

Nicki Minaj’s Page grew by about 933,000 Likes as she’s been winning and nominated for awards; her Page is now at 13.3 million Likes. Skillet Music grew by 877,700 Likes to 2.3 million, Camila México by 821,500 Likes to 2.6 million, AC/DC by 709,600 Likes to 15.7 million, slank by 694,200 Likes to 1.8 million and Tercer Cielo by 598,800 to 2.6 million; these Pages seem to be a result of consolidation, as they all experienced huge jumps in the span of the same few days.

Justin Bieber’s Page grew by 624,700 Likes to 34.7 million as the teenage singer seems to be on tour. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are promoting their new album, and so the Page grew by 598,600 Likes to 12.3 million. Michael Jackson’s Page grew by 578,300 Likes to pass 39.6 million; the Page has been promoting charity and a Cirque du Soleil show with his songs. Green Day’s Page grew by 510,100 Likes to 18.2 million as the band played a show recently. Eminem’s Page grew by 489,100 Likes to 45.3 million as he promoted a charity and his new music. Then CHAYANNE’s Page grew by 506,300 Likes after he launched a tour to 1.9 million.

The video game Pro Evolution Soccer grew by 538,500 Likes to 4.1 million and seems to be a Page consolidation.  قناة العربية, or Al Arabiya, is a TV news channel based in Dubai. The Page seems to have been consolidated a bit, now standing at 80,700 with a 698,600 boost this week, and posts frequent news updates. The rest of the list included movies — “The Smurfs” with 687,500 Likes to grow to 1.9 million and “Harry Potter” with 76,000 Likes to 32.5 million. Finally, Facebook’s Page grew by 502,500 likes to 50.5 million.