Music Management Within Facebook

I’ve covered a number of music management programs within Facebook already but I thought I’d feature Qloud given their robust feature set. The Qloud applicaiton allows you to track the songs that you listen to (similar to, display the most played tracks, view the top artists and top rated songs in your playlist. Additionally, you can view the various tracks that your friends have listened to. The social component of this application is the musical poke.

I wasn’t able to tell whether or not you can listen to the song after you send it. From what I can tell, your friends can’t listen to it after they added the application. If that’s the case than I’m not quite sure what the use of a musical poke is. Qloud seems to be in direct competition with but their Facebook application is attempting to add more features all within Facebook. If they can work out the bugs within their iTunes plugin, I think this could catch on. Unfortunately, my songs wouldn’t sync with my Facebook profile so I wasn’t able to get much value out of the application. If you get it to work let me know. Just go grab the Qloud application and make your musical listening experience more social.

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