Music Arrives on Google Glass

You’ll now be able to listen to and search for music via your Google Glass if you’re one of the limited few who have shelled out the $1,500 early adopter fee.

Google unveiled the new music features Tuesday along with earbuds that come in five colors. A Glass wearer can simply issue a few verbal commands to call up music through Google Play. It also allows for a Shazam like experience where you can ask Google to identify a song that is playing within earshot.

(Check out the Google video below with DJ Young Guru to see the latest Glass feature.)

“We’re dipping our toe into musical waters,” Ed Sanders, Google’s head of marketing for Glass, told USA Today.

Glass is still a relatively new project for Google. It gives users a sort of hands-free smartphone experience where they can issue verbal commands to the wearable computer, such as “take a picture,” or “send a message to my mom.”