Museums May Also Feel Private Donor Pinch

Sorry to keep bringing you down and ruining your morning buzz (why you’re drinking at 5am is something we’ll get into later), but here’s some more bad museum news to add to our reports last week. The Boston Globe has this gloomy report that museums’ financial woes don’t just stop at the big corporate donor, but will trickle down and affect their annual hauls from the bigger, private donations and likely even with the small change donors who drop a few coins in their visits (assuming they can even visit in the first place and pay entrance fees). It’s a pretty somber story and one that doesn’t paint a pretty picture of things to come. Granted, we know that the financial markets pretty much operate on emotional levels and we’re just making it worse by saying all these depressing things, but hey, what can you do, right? Here’s a bit about not wanting to even talk to donors right now:

One thing arts officials are not doing is pressuring potential donors.

“Because so much of the fund-raising everywhere in the last five years has come from the financial world, I think it will color all of your planning,” said Hans Morris, president of Visa Inc. and head of Mass MoCA‘s finance committee. “If I had [potential donor] who had been at [collapsed firm] Lehman [Brothers], I wouldn’t call right now.”