Museums Deal with Bad Governors, Economic Pressures, and Fire Sales

The museum suffering continues across the country and here are three particular pieces we’ve run across. First, as if the good people of Illinois didn’t already have enough to hate Governor Rod Blagojevich for, Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications, which feels like it’s been under construction since the dawn of man, has announced that it is being forced to sell its almost-finished building because the Governor never delivered on his promise to fund the museum with $8 million dollars. So it looks like now the museum might close before it even opens.

Second, the Sports Museum of America in Manhattan, has announced that it is not meeting its attendance projections and is being forced to lay off employees, close its doors on certain days, and generally just hold on for dear life. And last, a smaller story out of Houston, the two-bedroom home-based Museum of the Weird is selling off its bizarre collection and moving out. But at least with this story, there’s a possible happy ending, as sole curator and owner, Dolan Smith, probably won’t be able to sell of his massive stash of strange, so there’s hope that it might one day pop up again and bring oddity to Texas once more.