Museum of Danish Cartoon Art to Possibly Purchase Prophet Muhammad Cartoons


Okay, ahem, hankies tucked away, let’s get back to the stories at hand, shall we? First up is a bit of news from Denmark, as it’s being reported that The Museum of Danish Cartoon Art is in talks to buy the caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad that caused so much uproar two years ago, leading to riots and deaths. We think this is a really great decision and something we’d be very interested in seeing the originals of on display, but the worrisome part of us also kicks in a bit, as is also happening within Denmark, hoping that the museum is careful with them when/if they go up for display. Here’s a bit:

The Museum of Danish Cartoon Art is in talks with several of the artists who produced the drawings, but an agreement has not yet been reached. “We have generally agreed that we want a museum to have the works, but everyone still has to take a final decision for himself,” Claus Seidel, one of the cartoonists and head of the Danish cartoonists’ association, told The Art Newspaper.

“Nobody wants to make a lot of money, some of us are even willing to donate the works,” he said. One work was sold shortly after it was published. The artist donated the money to charity.