Museum of Arts and Design Review Roundup (and On-Site Balloon Attacks)


Being in Chicago as this writer is, rare is the day that he’s in NY during some big event. But so it was this weekend, as a much too brief trip to Manhattan for a wedding was in store and fortunately the hotel was right around the corner from where the new Museum of Arts and Design was opening. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to join the long lines to go in to check it out, but we did get to stand around and see Jason Hackenwerth‘s crazy Kinetic Balloon Sculpture creatures mingling out front (and almost forcing us into on-coming traffic at one point). But even though we didn’t get to run inside, here’s a quick roundup from the experts: the Tribune‘s Blair Kamin thinks it’s a pretty good new face for the infamous “lollipop building,” flaws and all, but “a second act worth seeing.” The Globe‘s Robert Campbell is of similar opinion, but reminds us that museums have interiors and objects to look at, too, not just architectural details. Meanwhile, the NY TimesNicolai Ouroussoff isn’t having any of it. He just hates nearly everything about the new building, from the inside out, seeing it as a continued whitewashing of New York to make it immediately safe and accessible. CultureGrrl takes immediate issue with that review in particular (“It’s time to demolish Ouroussoff”) and it’s probably the best review of the bunch. But then again, sometimes it’s also nice to hear from a regular person, like our friend Andy, who we left to stand in line as we had to head back to the airport:

The exhibition was pretty cool. There was a chandelier made of eyeglasses, and portrait made of combs, chainmail armor made up of dogtags. They had pottery and silkscreening and weaving demonstrations. Lots of solid stuff. Sorry we didn’t head straight over there from brunch so that you guys could have seen it.