Interview With Murti Hussain, President of Peanut Labs

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Murti Hussain, the President and Co-Founder of Peanut Labs about the company’s advertising strategy and the social advertising landscape in general. Peanut Labs helps publishers monetize their sites (largely game publishers) through survey offers from large brands. The company actually got started through their own gaming site which used peanuts as a form of virtual currency.

After turning profitable, the company decided to provide services for other publishers to help them monetize their games. Monetization is one of the biggest challenges for publishers across the web, especially on social platforms. By organizing a targeted demographic within your application, there is the possibility of generating a substantial amount of revenue since at the end of the day, advertisers want to reach targeted segments of the population.

As Murti describes during our interview, targeting mothers is currently a huge opportunity on social platforms since many social applications are not targeted to them. That’s not to say that mothers is the only demographic to build applications for. XBox for example, continues to pay Peanut Labs for surveys targeted at the younger male gamer demographic.

We had the opportunity to speak about a number of other things but I’ll let you check out the podcast below to hear the rest of the conversation. Thanks to Murti for taking the time to speak with us!