Murdochs to Testify Under Oath

Inquiry could also hear from Cameron, Brooks, Coulson

Compared with last month's constant flood of revelations, there seems to be a lull in hacking news coming from the U.K. But the inquiry into the affair is just getting started, the Telegraph reports.

Following their testimony last month before the Commons select committee, Rupert and James Murdoch will likely be questioned again about the hacking scandal—this time, under oath in the High Court.

Lord Justice Levenson, who will preside over the hearings, is also likely to question senior politicians including Prime Minister David Cameron, as well as former News International personnel like Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson. Sources said that Levenson won’t be constrained in who he can choose for testimony and plans to “go where the evidence takes him.”

The prospect of courtroom evidence will give the inquiry the air of an unofficial “trial” for some of the major News Corp. figures, according to the Telegraph, and Levenson will likely push for the courtroom proceedings to be broadcast live for full transparency.

A handful of government officials have been planning how the inquiry will be run over the summer and will set up a full-time office in the Royal Courts of Justice before proceedings formally start in October.

The inquiry will begin with a series of seminars at the end of next month where senior journalists and “other interested parties” will meet to discuss topics including the law, journalistic ethics, and the “practice and pressures of investigative journalism.”

Since Cameron expanded the inquiry to include bloggers and broadcast journalists, the inquiry might not be complete by next summer, according to the Telegraph. Levenson said that he would “strive” to complete the inquiry after 12 months, but added it wouldn’t happen “at all cost.”