Murdoch Seeks to Reunite Family Under News Corp

Rupert Murdoch wants to divide his News Corp empire up among his kids, and the latest rumor that he’s in talks to purchase his daughter’s production company could be the final step in that process. Peter Lauria at The Daily Beast discusses how Murdoch has always seen News Corp as a family business, and the older he gets, the more he wants to see it happen:

Murdoch turns 80 in March, and sources inside News Corp. say his main goal is to figure out a way to return Elisabeth, 42, and Lachlan, 39, to the company and divide up the empire between them and their youngest brother, James, 38, who is the only Murdoch child currently working at News Corp.

Shine Group, Elisabeth’s company, is now on the block because of several events that took place over last year. If she does end up rejoining News Corp (she resigned in 2000 because of conflicts with her father) there is still no doubt that James will remain the heir apparent.

We’re betting that the three extremely rich siblings can work it out and play nice, but you never know. One steals a yacht, then the other buys too many islands, and the next thing you know everyone hates each other.