Murdoch to Speak on News Corp. Earnings Call

News this morning is that Rupert Murdoch will be making an appearance on the News Corp. earnings call today tomorrow, the first in about a year.

The big issue will be succession, particularly following last month’s appearance before a parliamentary committee, which left some questioning the heir-apparent James Murdoch.

“Rupert Murdoch is expected to acknowledge some of the recent troubles in his prepared remarks, but he will not issue a new ‘mea culpa’ like the one he gave to the British parliament, according to the person familiar with the planning. The source was not permitted to talk publicly on the matter,” writes Reuters. We wonder who gave that statement.

There are questions about whether having Murdoch on the call helps or hurts. Surely, it’s something the company’s massive PR contingent has mulled over, and it’s likely the prepared statements will make up much of Murdoch’s contribution.

In an effort to help (of course), FishbowlNY has a few predictions for some of the possible questions Murdoch will encounter on the call. We would add that there will likely be inquiries about the company’s newspaper businesses and whether they’ve given up on any thoughts of further acquisitions for the time being. And maybe a question about how Wendi Deng is doing these days.

It’s been a couple of weeks since there’s been any big news (pie-throwing, Rebekah-Brooks- arrested big anyway) to report on the hacking scandal besides a few questions about whether a mass of emails were deleted in an effort to hinder the investigation and yet another arrest last week of former News of the World managing director, Stuart Kuttner. That’s a slow couple of weeks for this scandal.