Murdoch and Son Agree to Testify Before Parliament

Both had originally declined

According to information given to the Press Association by a News Corp. spokesperson, Rupert Murdoch and his son James have indicated that they will testify before the U.K. Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee on Tuesday.

Earlier today, members of Parliament were sent to give a summons to Murdoch and his son to give evidence to a select committee about the phone hacking scandal. Murdoch originally declined to testify before the committee, writing in a letter, “Unfortunately, I am not available to attend the session you have planned next Tuesday. However, I am fully prepared to give evidence to the forthcoming judge-led public inquiry, and I will be taking steps to notify those conducting the inquiry of my willingness to do so. Having done this, I would be happy to discuss with you how best to give evidence to your committee.”

James Murdoch also said that he would be unable to attend on Tuesday, but that he would be “pleased” to give evidence to the committee on either Aug. 10 or 11.