Murderer of MTV Coordinator May Have Killed Before

Los Angeles police aren’t saying for sure they know who killed MTV production coordinator Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir. But police sources told the LA Times they suspect the killing may be tied to a string of robberies, and another murder, that have afflicted the Mid-Wilshire area in May.

From the Times:

LAPD sources said the robber had struck at least eight times in the last two weeks, using a shotgun during street and business robberies in the Mid-City, Southwest L.A. and Wilshire areas. The robber also is responsible for a slaying a week ago, police believe.

The sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, stressed that detectives had not made a positive link but considered it a solid lead. A division of the LAPD was on tactical alert Tuesday night looking for the robbery suspect.

A homicidal robber on the loose with a shotgun. Very scary thought. Especially because police are saying they’ve yet to find a witness to Ben-Meir’s murder.

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