Munchie Mania offers solo and competitive match-three play on Facebook


Players interested in taking a break from traditional match-three puzzle games have a new option in Geewa’s Munchie Mania on Facebook. The game offers both single player and multiplayer gameplay options, as players work to earn as many points as possible in each timed game.

Each game in Munchie Mania sees players clicking and dragging to highlight groups of three or more touching, like-colored symbols on a hexagonal board. Points multipliers appear over time, increasing the points earned for subsequent matches with those same colors of gems, and making a match that touches both sides of the board will instantly clear all symbols underneath.

Players earn experience points for each game they complete, and unlock access to power-ups over time. A cherry bomb, for instance, destroys surrounding symbols on the board when activated. These power-ups can be purchased with coins before the beginning of each game, with coins be earned for free while playing, or via a real-money purchase.


In duel mode, two players compete to earn the most points in the same amount of time, and the game shows off win-loss records at the end of each match. Players can track their performance against their friends via the in-game leaderboards across both solo and competitive modes.

Munchie Mania is slowly gaining users on Facebook, and currently sits at over 156,000 monthly active players. Check back soon to follow the game’s continued progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.