Mulu launches consumer shopping app The Latest on iOS


San Francisco-based start-up Mulu has announced the launch of its new iOS app The Latest, which combines trends seen in popular magazines and blogs into one place. The app is described as the “Buzzfeed for shopping,” as users can follow their favorite categories, like gadgets, baby or style, creating a stream of shopping-supported posts from around the internet.

Mulu crawls the web like a search engine, and offers lists, editorial snippets and best pricing to users on their feed. Using a variety of swipe and tap controls, users can view products mentioned in articles, browse immediately to similar posts, or see what others are saying about those products.

In future updates, The Latest will receive product scoring in relation to where, when or how products are mentioned online. The app will also be updated with trending and gifting features.

“There are about 400 million new product mentions a day online,” said Mulu CEO Amaryllis Fox. “400 million. That’s a lot of data.  We’re about boiling all that down to the products each user actually wants to see – the things their favorite people and blogs are talking about. But be warned…it’s addictive.”

To encourage users to shop within the app, Mulu will contribute a portion of every sale to one of several charities, including The Born This Way Foundation, Greenpeace and Talking About Curing Autism.

The Latest is available to download for free on iOS. You can follow the app on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.