Facebook To Add Multi-Country Support For Advertisements

Want to target a single ad at both the United States and Iraq? While that may not be something you want to accomplish, it’s something you’ll soon be able to do. On Wednesday a revised version of my Facebook demographics tracking script started acting funny and after a little bit of poking around I realized that Facebook has revised their ad location field to let users manually enter countries rather than select them from a drop-down as previously was the case.

While the current iteration of the ad creation interface doesn’t allow for multi-country tracking, it appears that it will soon be available as the company has modified their inventory estimation script to accept multiple countries. Don’t understand what I’m referring to? When you visit Facebook’s ad creation page, you can select the various countries that you’d like to target. When you select a country and demographic variables, a rough estimate of the number of people that the ad will reach is produced.

As a regular user you aren’t able to enter multiple countries but the revised system has been built to accept them. For the more technical individuals, Facebook has modified their script to accept the “countries” array as an argument rather than a single variable called “country”. There’s not a stated date for full launch but it’s clearly something that will be rolled out in the near future. This is extremely useful for those advertisers that are looking to target globally by interest.

While most advertisers won’t select every country it was previously a tedious process to create individual ads for each country. This will help make the ad creation process more efficient and hopefully contribute to an increase in ad spend as advertisers are able to produce globally relevant ads in a short amount of time. Facebook has been making subtle changes to their ad platform over the past few days including the recently launch of keyword suggestions.

The only thing I’m waiting for now is the improvement of the ad manger area in which multiple campaigns cannot be adjusted simultaneously under the current version. It’s only a matter of time before additional improvements are made.

-Multiple Country Support Screenshot-