Multi-touch iPod Click-Wheel? Thanks but No Thanks

iPod 30GB Click-Wheel

I’ve been mulling over this item from AppleInsider for several hours now…

Apple working on adding multi-touch to iPod click-wheels

I own an iPhone 3G and iPod touch. But, do you know what I prefer to take with me to listen to podcasts while in the car or walking? I take my 4th generation iPod 30GB with a click-wheel. I prefer it because I can:

1. Operate it one-handed. And, by this I mean that if needed I can operate with the same hand I’m holding it in.
2. I can operate it without looking at it: Pause/Start, forward, backward and volume control.

I need two hands to use an iPhone or iPod touch (one to hold it and one to use the touch screen). And, I need to look at it to see the non-tactile on-screen controls. This is especially true for the first generation iPod touch that does not have physical volume controls.

Looking at the diagrams in the AppleInsider article, I think many people will need to look at the wheel to decide where the innter and outer sections of the wheel are for multi-touch gestures.

I hope I am wrong and that Apple’s multi-touch click-wheel can be operated one-handed like current generation click-wheel iPods.