Much-Shortened Michael’s Mash

We know the Hartford Courant probably trimmed the month-old L.A. Times story about Lunch at Michael’s for space, using the typical newspaper editor’s trick of cutting from the bottom. But, sheesh. Not only did the Courant readers miss the mention of this blog — whose faithful devotion to the eatery has us eating out everyone’s hand — but they also missed Kurt Andersen, Harry Schleiff, Joe Armstrong and other media lights without whom Michael’s wouldn’t be what it is today. (And, yes, we know that David Patrick Columbia and Jack Myers both can lay legitimate claim to boosting the fame of the nudie-bearing, garden-loving midtown eatery. But has anyone done more for it than Laurel, our boss?)

We guess all those Hartford politicos and corporate chieftains would rather stay up there and eat at Max Downtown than eat with the richer, famouser and maybe even more fabulous.