MTV to Abercrombie: That’s “A Clever PR Stunt”

Abercrombie & Fitch scored major press today by making an IR announcement stating that they will pay the Jersey Shore cast to outfit themselves in a different brand of clothing. MTV responded by calling it “a clever PR stunt.” That is correct.

By calling out the Jersey Shore cast, the retailer has appeared in the news pages of just about every major outlet today, alongside talk of its positive earnings outcome. (Stocks took a dip today but look to be on the upswing after hours.)

Just to make sure audiences and analysts didn’t miss the news, Abercrombie’s CEO Mike Jeffries made sure to ask during a conference call with analysts, “Is no one going to ask about the Situation?”

One analyst told the New York Times that the move was a great way to get some attention during the back-to-school season and Four Corners Communication’s Drew Kerr told the paper that the announcement was “just made for the press.”

And what it is this “brand image” that Abercrombie speaks of in the now infamous press release? Well they do like to feature young people being sassy in their ads, but they prefer black & white to a spray-tan orange palette. They sell shirts, but they’re not required if you work there.

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