MTV Redesigns Logo, Brings It All Inside the Wide New ‘M’

This week marked the end of an era. Or maybe just a slight alteration. For the first time since its creation nearly 30 years ago, MTV has updated their logo. Originally designed by Frank Olinsky in 1981, the new logo drops the words “Music Television” underneath the iconic capital “M,” itself now thicker and stretched, and brings the “TV” inside, no longer letting pieces of it dangle out there on the edge. Our old co-worker and former employee, Dylan Stableford, says the new logo signifies that “MTV No Longer About ‘Music.’ At Creative Review, they see the move as part of a larger movement to pull everything inside the logo, essentially making them housing for interchangeable copy and images. They call out a couple of examples, like the 2012 Olympics branding and Aol‘s new things-on-top-of-things look. Even Pentagram has made that move, with their work on the Museum of Art and Design‘s logo. After posting about Psychology Today yesterday, now we want them to chime in about everything design-related. Why this move to internalize? What does it say about our brains?!