MTP Appearances, Before And After Tim Russert

It’s been 26 weeks since the tragic and sudden death of Tim Russert, and we here at FishbowlDC were curious if there was a noticeable difference in guests’ appearances since then. We compared guests’ appearances in the 26 weeks prior to Russert’s death with appearances in the 26 weeks after.

Our findings after the jump…

Chuck Todd was the most frequent guest both with Russert and post-Russert, but his appearances increased 120 percent post-Russert (from five to 11). This could be partially explained by the election.

Michele Norris and Mike Murphy appeared equally frequently with Russert. Murphy stayed about the same post-Russert, but Norris has only been on once since Russert died — a drop of 80 percent.

Bob Shrum appeared four times in the 26 weeks prior to Russert’s death, but has not appeared at all since.

Gwen Ifill
‘s appearances have dropped 50 percent since Russert’s death, while David Gregory’s appearances have increased 150 percent. Erin Burnett’s appearances have also quadrupled since Russert’s death.