MSNBC’s ‘The Ed Show’ Rips Off Yahoo! News UPDATE: Producers Apologize

UPDATE: The producers of “The Ed Show” have apologized to Yahoo! News’s Chris Moody. In fact, Moody will appear on the show today to discuss the story. “The producers of the show were very gracious about the whole thing,” he told FishbowlDC. “It’s all water under the bridge.”

MSNBC has some explaining to do. On Thursday night’s “The Ed Show,” host Ed Schultz used huge pieces from a story by Yahoo NewsChris Moody without any attribution.

Moody’s story was published earlier Thursday and it outlined “10 do’s and don’ts” Republican Strategist Frank Luntz recommended this week to the GOP when talking about the Occupy Wall Street movement. In his own words, Moody summarized each of Luntz’s points then added quotes from a presentation Luntz’s gave at the Republican Governors Association meeting on Wednesday.

On Schultz’s show, the 10 points were put up on the screen and recited by Schultz verbatim without giving credit to Yahoo! News or Moody.

We’ve got a thief on our hands.

Watch as it happened here. It begins at the 1:40 mark.