MSNBC's iPhone & Android App Comparison

Perhaps the biggest impact that Apple has had on the smartphone industry is the focus on apps. Before the iPhone came along the focus for smartphones was on integration with e-mail servers like Exchange and Lotus Notes or enhancements to traditional phone services like voice mail. Today when we are asked what is it that we use smartphones for our answers have to do with the apps that we use to access social networks like Facebook and Twitter, or how we use them to listen to music, watch movies, or read a book.
It is not surprising then that the top two smartphones are the ones that have the largest app stores. Consequently, a decision between the two can come down to which one has the apps you want to use, and figuring that out can take some time. MSNBC has posted a very good article that compares apps available for the iPhone and Android phones. The article picks a winner between the two smartphones based on apps in the following categories: games, social networking, kid stuff, multimedia (music, photos, and movies), streaming music, dining in, dining out, travel, eBooks, and finally the core apps. I guess I know why I like Android because in all of the categories in the article that matter to me Android is either the winner or ties the iPhone. If you are considering purchasing one of these two smartphones, I recommend that you read the MSNBC article.