MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer: Quit Facebook? ‘Heeeelllll No’

In the third part of our interview with MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer for’s Media Beat, we dive into the topic of how social media has become a big a part of life for a cable news anchor.

“I do find the immediate response gratifying,” Brewer says about her Facebook and Twitter activity, “But I also think sometimes people on Twitter or Facebook forget that there’s a real live person on the other side.”

Of the feedback she gets, she tells us, “Probably about 25% of that is a lot of vitriol, there’s about 50% that’s genuine intelligent discussion…and then about 25% of it is just nonsensical comments or observations.” Brewer admits she sometimes thinks about responding to some of the “really horrible things” people say, but usually finds herself trying to ignore it.

We also wanted to know what she thought about the recent “quit Facebook” talk. She is definitely not joining that movement and performs a dramatic interpretation of her tweet about dropping Facebook. Watch Part III below:

Part I – Brewer tells us how she auditioned to become an MSNBC anchor and described the toughest and most challenging interviews she’s conducted in her time there.

Part II – We talk with Brewer about the changes to MSNBC’s dayside line-up as well as get her thoughts on how viewers react to an anchor’s on-air gaffes.