MSNBC-Owned Eyes Crowdsourcing

Breaking news from The MSNBC Digital Network-owned site is going the crowdsourcing route, allowing users to upload Tweets, photos, and videos, Mashable reported. now features a “Spot” tab, through which the content mentioned above can be shared, and a “Hot” tab, which displays the most popular content on the site, as voted on by users, according to Mashable.

On the mobile front, recently launched apps for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7 platforms, with the BlackBerry and the iPad on the horizon, according to Mashable.

MSNBC director of product development Cory Bergman told Mashable:

It’s not just about what news organizations publish anymore, but it’s also about what people see. Currently, the number of stories with eyewitness reports on Twitter, etc., are hit-and-miss, but as smart phones and social-media use continues to climb, we believe it will become much more prevalent in the months to come. When you blend the voice of the crowd and editors who don’t sleep into the equation, I think we can get there.