Scarborough’s Politico Blog Loses Steam

In the three and a half months since MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough started his personal blog on Politico, it has been updated a total of 40 times. That’s roughly one post each day for just over a month.

Scarborough’s initial update said he would let readers know “what’s really happening behind the scenes in Congress, the White House and in the media world.” He did that occasionally, for example, when he posted a statement on MSNBC’s decision to terminate its contract with Pat Buchanan after parts of his most recent book were deemed inappropriate “for national dialogue.” Or, in a more lighthearted bloggy approach, he wrote a post that said instead of updating sooner, he chose to watch the movie “Old School” while in Britain. His latest post took note of the dismal global economy, as heavily reported on in Friday’s WSJ.

Then there were other simple cross posts of videos from that Scarborough produces to complement his daily show Morning Joe. Within the last month, updates have significantly waned, sometimes with four or more days between posts. A typical Politico blog writer posts around the clock and often on weekends. Of course Scarborough isn’t typical and has a completely other job. But from an appearances perspective, his blog looks like its running out of steam.

Janet Donovan, a D.C.-area publicist who edits the blog Hollywood on the Potomac, tells us she keeps her audience “expecting something” by publishing at least one post on her blog each day. She also said tweeting out posts drives traffic “more than anything else.” Judging from Scarborough’s Twitter timeline, he tweets each post out at least once.

Editor-at-Large of the Washingtonian Carol Joynt said when she doesn’t update her site on a daily basis, she loses readers. “Recently I took a week off,” she told us. “I gave myself a break from the site. Traffic went down.”

We reached out to Politico Editor-in-Chief John Harris to see if there’s any plan to change the direction of Scarborough’s blog, if it’s suffering in readership due to infrequent updates or if it will soon shut down altogether.

An MSNBC spokesperson told us Scarborough actually posted “frequently in May” with 12 posts and noted that Scarborough also writes a regular column for Politico.