MSNBC Hosts Online Party “After Dark”

Want an, uhm, look at the week ahead?

It’s hard not to think this “party” ought to take things a full step further and turn it into an SNL-type skit.

Meet NBC News Producer Andy Gross, the silver-haired slickster at the MSNBC “First Read After Dark” online party. He’s impossible to miss – he’s wearing the red velvet Hefner-like blazer. (Did someone say costume party?)

“Domenico, you could use a refill!” Gross says smoothly, deftly spotting host Domenico Montanaro’s empty martini glass. And be sure not to miss former GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney cruising along in a cartoon hot pink convertible on his upcoming book tour in Florida.

“It’s not all smoke and jackets and martinis,” assures Montanaro, looking ultra-relaxed in a blue jeans-blazer ensemble. “There’s a lot going on this week.”

Oh man, we hope so. Can hardly wait for next week’s installment, if, for nothing else, to see what happens next at the “party.”

Watch it here.