MSNBC Digital Network Rolls Out ServeView Ad-Rendering System

The MSNBC Digital Network announced that its ServeView ad-rendering system has been put in place on all of its story pages on,, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, msnbc tv, NBC Sports, and EveryBlock.

According to MSNBC Digital Network, when story pages load, the ServeView technology ensures that ads are within areas being viewed by consumers before rendering the ads, making them visible while users are interacting with video, text, photos, and other content.

MSNBC Digital Network president and publisher Charlie Tillinghast said:

We aren’t the first online publisher to be asked about ad effectiveness, but we are the first to apply an innovative solution to a problem that’s been nagging the industry from the beginning. With ServeView, we’re only selling ads that are rendered in the viewable area. Why should marketers pay for ads that no one sees? It’s a bold move we’re making, and we think it’s good for the industry. We support other publishers to do the same thing.

Vice president of sales Kyoo Kim added:

We’ve been working with partners such as RealVu and the Media Ratings Council to advance the notion of a true ad view, and we’re pleased that we can offer this solution now. Initial results from our ServeView tracking points to a positive trend in ad performance. We’ve seen click-through rates increase anywhere from 30 to 100 percent based on the location of the ad on the page. We’re optimistic and think this could be a game changer.