MSNBC Reporter To Greenwald: ‘F*ck You’

This goes in our list of things that escalated way too quickly.

Yesterday, a tipster pointed us to a Twitchy item about a tweet by Glenn Greenwald, a journalist with the British newspaper The Guardian, from a few days ago. The tweet said Greenwald had learned Edward Snowden had actually been the one to write a statement released recently by Wikileaks.

Daniel Serwer, a professor at Johns Hopkins and former VP at the United States Institute of Peace in D.C., tweeted back, “Do you never tire of flacking for a source?”

Ooh, fighting words.

Greenwald’s note was actually legit—hardly what we’d call flacking for a source—as everyone has kind of been wondering just how much influence Wikileaks has been exerting over Snowden on his flight from U.S. authorities. So news that he says he wrote his statement himself is… news.

Greenwald snapped back at Serwer: “Edward Snowden has done far more for the world in the last 2 months than you have in your life. Does that help?”

But that’s when things got even more fun.

Out of nowhere, reporter Adam Serwer, Daniel Serwer’s son, chimed in.

Wow. That’s where he went with this?

Is there a world where that kind of response, from a journalist to another no less, is appropriate? And publicly. Just over those dumbass tweets? Sure, Greenwald was a little snarky but then again, the elder Serwer certainly seemed itching for a fight. Didn’t he just get what he was asking for?

A final thought: Maybe Serwer Sr. should stick to fights he can win without his son butting in.

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