Debuts Haiti’s Amputees: Building a Life Worth Living

Multimedia report Haiti’s Amputees: Building a Life Worth Living, which chronicles the efforts of a prosthetic team to help amputees in Haiti following that country’s devastating earthquake Jan. 12, debuted on Monday.

The subjects are a crew from American prosthetic firm Hanger Orthopedic Group, working out of Hôpital Albert Schweitzer Haiti to fit earthquake-victim amputees with new limbs, and Haiti’s Amputees: Building a Life Worth Living will offer real-time stories, slideshows, videos, and Twitter dispatches from Haiti this week, as well as sharing the experiences of amputee veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. editor in chief Jennifer Sizemore said:

This is a story about the birth of hope after horrible tragedy, and we’re covering it in the way pioneered, by marrying traditional narrative journalism with real-time story-telling tools.

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